Here's what Undiscovered Scotland said "This really is a fabulous book; and it is a book that deserves to be widely read and enjoyed!."

And an Amazon TOP 100 Reviewer.... "Nicely executed, roundly offensive, no concessions expected and none given. This book is highly enjoyable throughout!" Eileen Shaw 

Reunite, a happy-go-lucky Scully, foul-mouthed Doc, naive Robbie and the stoic Donald at an allegedly haunted and isolated shelter, amid the creaking bonds of an alliance built in the amber whisky haze of their misspent youth. Throw in the ashes of a departed friend and give them a simple mission, then anything could happen and frequently does. You'll laugh yer a*** off :) The Key-Stone of the Bridge is a very Scottish tale, full of chills, thrills, mystery and suspense, as in beautiful and unusually calm winter weather, the four men complete their task. Then well, things start to get a little strange. The mountains are usually deserted in winter but two visitors appear seeking shelter and tell of meeting a mystery hiker. That night has some strange goings on but they blame that on the whisky. Then when there is no sign of the mystery hiker, the four decide to look for him or his body. But the weather deteriorates, their misfortune grows and they return to find their sanctuary gone. Now, they are in a fight for their own survival. Will they struggle through reach civilization and finally discover the shocking truth about their guests and the mystery hiker?